Production Capability

    With the tireless efforts of all staff members, AEC has accumulated a solid fiancial foundation as well as a galaxy of talents, and constantly optimized its own industrial chain. A comprehensive databank has been set up to store and track the information of partners from raw material suppliers to equipment suppliers to end customers. Through the internal and external audits every year, we have kept bridging gaps in our development and perfecting ourselves. On-job trainings for members of management, R&D and workshop laborers guarantee the daily work with high accuracy and efficiency. With the introduction of sophisticated automatic equipment and management mode of mass production after the plant expansion, AEC has the confidence to provide quality batteries in a comparatively short lead time for our customers.


Workshop area for the polymer Li-ion battery pack manufacture is 20,000 m2;

Production capacity of the polymer Li-ion battery pack: 250K pcs/day (1Ah standard);

Possessing 4 sets of automatic coating lines, 8 sets of automatic slitting and winding machines, more than 40 sets of semi-automatic slitting and winding machines, 3 sets of automatic electrolyte injecting systems and capacity grading systems with over 100K testing points.

◆Production line:

There are 12 pack assembly lines; 

Cleanliness factor of the dust-free workshop has been kept at the 105 level and all rooms are equipped with temperature and humidity control systems;

The unique tracing system has been adopted to ensure the purchased materials and producing processes are traceable.     


 There are about 1200 employees working in the production lines.

automatic production line: